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Binding Off in Color

personal favorite

Italian bind-off

binding off in color

Again this bind-off has many names,
Kitchner’s Rib bind-off, Invisible bind-
off and Vogue Knitting calls it “knit one
purl one bind-off”. Whatever the name,
this bind-off works very well with
brioche stitch.


When ready to work a RS MC row:
bind off, matching the elasticity of the
main fabric, as illustrated below using
a long strand of MC on a tapestry
color bind off
brioche needle

simple bind off

Simple 2-Color Bind Off
You need to work this bind off when
both threads are hanging from the
same end. This is a normal bind
off only each stitch is worked with
its opposite color so the bound off
stitchess that lay across the top of
each column will match the column

For example: brk a MC colored st with
CC, purl the foll st (a CC colored stitch)
with MC, BO one st loosely, brk foll st
with CC, BO one st loosely, purl foll st
with MC, BO one st, etc.

braided bind off

Braided Bind off in the Round
The yarns will become quite twisted
when working the braided rows and
you will have to untwist them a few
times in order to continue.

Braid Round 1: *MC brk1, CC k1; rep
from * to end.

Braid Round 2: both yarns to front and
carry them across the front throughout
this round always bringing the color to
be used OVER the one just used;
*with MC p1, with CC k1, CC yarn to
front; rep from * to end.

Braid and Bind Off Round 3 MC: again
carry the yarns across the front and
bring the color to be used UNDER the
one just used; *MC p1, CC k1, CC yarn
to front and at same time bind off by
passing the first st over the second st;
rep from * to end.

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